Who Is a Better Leader – Chip Kelly or Lane Kiffin?

Let’s start with the similarities: both coach top national football programs. Both are known for their offensive mind. Both refuse to talk about player injuries. Both work for athletic directors that did not hire them. Both have big egos. Both have last names that start with the letter K followed by a vowel and two consonants. Both eat food and wear clothes…

Now for the differences: Kiffin was born into a football coaching family and became the youngest head coach in NFL history at the age of 31, and the head coach of two different high level เว็บยอดนิยม ufabet college teams by the time he was 34 years old. Kelly was born into a family where reading and intellect are highly valued, and he coached at several small schools, slowly honing his football acumen.

Kelly is process driven, where everything is fixable and mistakes are opportunities for growth. He has developed a culture in his program based on hard work and accountability. Kiffin demands perfection (what I call fool’s Gold), where things are never good enough and mistakes become disappointments – this stifles growth. He relies on the culture of excellence that already exists at his school.

Kiffin will go to nearly any length to convince a top high school player to come to his university. Kelly looks for players who will fit into his program and want to be at his university, then presents his case and lets the player make up his mind.

Kelly goes to great lengths to limit distractions for his players. Kiffin is a source of distractions for his team. Kiffin has a family with young children, Kelly does not.