Planes, Trains and Football Statistics

Any mother of a boy will tell you that there are certain things with little boys that don’t need to be taught. First is the mimicking of motorized vehicular sounds. The lip buzzing-low rumble of a dump truck or the light hum of a race car is inherent within a boy’s genetic make-up. With a little age the talent of turning anything into a gun comes forward. It doesn’t matter if the parents are wanna-be hippies or card carrying NRA members, boys don’t need an introduction to guns. It is completely within a boy’s nature to shoot the cat with his doughnut if that’s all he has at his disposal. My boys are 5 and 6 years old. Recently I discovered more machismo is lurking under the surface of their “Y” chromosomes. Apparently boys, like men, can’t help but spout off football statistics.

My family was recently riding in the mini-van when my ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบทางเข้า youngest decided it would be fun goad his father. He began chanting, “Packers BOOOO, Vikings Rule!” Needless to say this got our attention. Turning off on to a less traveled street, for fear that someone may hear our little traitor, we confronted him about this new allegiance. When asked why he didn’t like the Packers he began by saying, “I don’t like the Packers. They lost 40 sacks in 2 minutes. I mean, what kind of a team loses 40 sacks in 2 minutes?”

My husband, defending his green and gold, came back stating that the Vikings and the Packers each won eleven games. To this my son said, “So, in like 5 days the Packers are going to lose 150 points. Then the Vikings will be the winner and they have NEVER lost 40 sacks in 2 minutes.”

Resorting to complete male undermining, my husband then said, “Well, you must want to be a girl because the Vikings wear purple and isn’t purple a girl color?”